Where Are You God?


More than a Conqueror Landscape FlowerThere I stood, mouth gaping open, heart pounding, head starting to throb as I listened to the words coming out of his mouth: “The practice is closed, we can’t see any more patients.” In disbelief, I stood stunned.

In 2008, after almost sixteen years in nursing, with three and a half of them spent as a nurse practitioner, my career came to screeching halt. The events of that day are forever burned in my memory. The pain management practice I worked for was shut down, and the provider who supervised me suspended from practice. Within weeks, I would be not only jobless, but also swept up into a malpractice claim that made absolutely no sense.

It made no difference that the facts of case screamed innocence. In essence, I was guilty by association. Career finished, reputation smeared beyond repair. After years of higher education, not to mention the cost of that schooling, it was over.

To add insult to injury, I would bury my father a few short months later after a sudden car accident. And then, just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, a year later my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

And in the depths of my despair, I would cry out to God from the innermost parts of my heart: “Where are you?”

To read the rest please hop on over to Me Too Moments For Mom When Life Stops You Dead In Your Tracks

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