Will You Do It?


 “If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well–being like the waves of the sea.”  Isaiah 48:18

What are we missing out on when we don’t obey God?

There have been times that I have asked God what He thought about a situation and all along I knew I was going to do what I wanted to do anyway.  Other times I felt his answer was too crazy and I ignored it.  I have made life difficult for myself by failing to follow God’s instruction.  How different life could have been for me if I had only listened to Him.

I am thankful for God’s grace.  I have learned a great deal from my mistakes and God has made all things work out for the good.   My heart is full of gratefulness and it’s my desire to do what He asks of me.  Now my life is filled with peace, blessings, and joy.

“Therefore consider carefully how you listen.  Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them.”  Luke 8:18 

God wants to give us a life full of abundance.  He waits patiently for us to receive.    God gives us so much more than the world does.

In order to hear from God we must be willing to do what He tells us to do.

It’s our sin that keeps us from seeing God for who He is and what He has to offer.  Shame is like a weight that pulls us down into a pit.  You are not alone if you are in the pit today.  There is a way out.  Just look to God for His will to be done in your life.   Don’t try to figure out how you are going to manage.   He has all the details worked out.

God is a gracious God who forgives. 

There came a point in my Christian walk when I made up my mind that I will follow God no matter what the cost is.  Now I hear Him better.  I don’t always like what I hear.  There are times I wrestle with Him and when I get tired of it I fall on my knees to say, “Yes God I will do it!”

God does not give me anything that I can’t handle and He provides everything I need.  He is with me every step of the way.

With God there is nothing to fear.

Let’s Pray

God there have been times in my life where I took action on a matter before consulting with you first.  I been foolish to think that I can manage life without your instructions.  You are always willing to lead me, but I haven’t always been willing to listen and I’m asking you to forgive me for this.   I have made a mess out of my life because I have not been accountable to you.  I’m selfish God and I want to be changed by you. Today I let go of control and I ask you God to be in control of my life.  Show me your ways and I will follow.  In Jesus name – Amen.


5 thoughts on “Will You Do It?

  1. Sin not only blinds us to who our Father is and all that he offers, but it blinds us to who WE are… Marvelously crafted daughters of the King, beloved and seen as complete. Complete. Meaning in our Father’s eyes we are not lacking. Some say that all that blinds us to this true identity is called sin. I think when we keep our identity in sharp focus, following our Father becomes much, much easier, don’t you agree?

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