God Will Pull Us Out Of The Pit.



Following is a wonderful Testimony by Tracey Casciano. She shows us how our Heavenly Father heals us, works good through our story, and helps us to stand on His word.

My journey to where I am today would shock many of my friends. For a long time I had been able to push away memories of being verbally and sexually abused by my parents. I wore a mask of happiness so that no one would know the truth about my painful past. I had hidden it so well that my husband didn’t know until we had been married for almost a year. I was estranged from my parents for years and they were not a part of our children’s lives. So imagine my surprise when at age 42, my anger and emotions re-surfaced as I began to struggle with the idea of forgiving my parents. I had heard our pastor speak about forgiveness before, but on a Sunday in April, I felt a spotlight on me as he spoke about the importance of forgiving others. I didn’t understand why I should forgive them for all the pain they had caused me. I met with my pastor and reluctantly told him about my messy past. After all this time, I didn’t know how I was supposed to forgive my parents. We made a plan  –   Why Forgive?


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Coming in late July, Angel Buff and myself will both be hosting a series about overcoming. We are looking for stories that show readers that God does not leave us in a pit. God pulls us out of dark places and leads us to safety. It’s the underdog stories that bring hope to hurting souls. Souls who feel stuck, left behind, alone, and afraid. We are looking for writers with an underdog story. Please let me know if you are interested. All the information is included Tracey Casciano  post. There is a video you can watch that will share more about the series.

And even if you are not interested in writing for the series – please check out Tracey Casciano encouraging story over at my other blog  –

Me Too Moments For Moms  Why Forgive?

About  – Tracey Casciano

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Tracey is a passionate speaker and writer ready to shine a light for Jesus. She shines that light through encouraging words as a blogger, speaker, and writer to help others who may be suffering or doubting themselves on their current path in life.  After a childhood with an alcoholic mother and abusive father, her love for the Lord helped rise above her past. She describes this in her book, “Out of the Darkroom, Into the Light: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness After Child Abuse.” She is happily married and in the midst of raising four wonderful sons. Tracey has a background in Special Education, has taught History in public high school for eight years, and has been a missionary in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Learn more about Tracey and her book at her website www.traceycasciano.com, on her bloghttp://Ephesians2v8.wordpress.com, twitter @TraceyCasciano, and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TMCasciano/).

Tracey’s Book

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