Conviction or Condemnation? 



How does a loving God speak to us when we do something wrong?

What does God say about our past sins?

There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

God doesn’t judge us as unworthy when we sin.  He doesn’t want to punish us.   His Son has already paid the price for our sin.

This doesn’t give us a free ticket to do whatever we want.  As Christ followers we are to pay attention to the Holy Spirit living in us.  It’s through the Holy Spirit that God speaks to us.

The Holy Spirit is actively convincing us to change our ways. He will bring light to our sin.   He corrects us and encourages us to do differently.

The enemy condemns with shameful thoughts.

There was a time that I was stuck in a sin and I felt horrible about myself.  The enemy knew this and he did a darn good job making me feel worthless.  I convinced myself that I should be punished for what I was doing wrong and so I lived with shame and anger.  I reacted to life situations poorly.   I dug myself into a pit of despair.

But God loves me and He wasn’t going to let me stay there.  He brought people into my life who spoke truth about God’s love.  Prayer warriors went down on their knees for me.   After some inner battles, the Holy Spirit convinced me that God was waiting for me to receive His unconditional love.

I decided to go to Him!

And when I did, I felt God welcome me with the presence of the Holy Spirit.   I felt loved, accepted, and forgiven.   His kindness changed me.

I was ready to listen!

God convinced me that my life would change for the better if I would turn from my sin.   He gave me clear direction.   I took His word and did not repeat that sin again.

I changed my ways and God blessed me.  The blessings I have received are priceless and I would have missed it if I did not stop the sin that was holding me in bondage.

God gave me grace instead of punishment.   He doesn’t condemn us as worthless.  He allowed the Holy Spirit to change me with conviction.

The enemy will steer us into self-destruction and God will steer us into a life of peace.   The enemy will make us hate ourselves and God will show us that we are made in His image and likeness.  The enemy will give us a shovel to dig ourselves a grave.   Jesus rose from the grave so that we can live.

Dear Sisters in Christ God will not bring up your past and use it against you.  If He does, it is only to point you to a future of hope.   He will call us to repentance and always give us another chance.

Today is the day to let God deliver you from shame.   Don’t let the enemy make you feel guilty another day.  You already have been bought with a price when Christ died on the cross.  He did this to set you free.

Now go and be free.

2 thoughts on “Conviction or Condemnation? 

  1. Excellent word here, my friend. I often tell mamas that guilt was designed to bring us back to right relationship with our Father. Period. It was never intended to be an emotion we LIVE in. Getting us to live and walk in shame and guilt is a tactic straight from the enemy’s playbook. The way of Yeshua is light and liberty, peace and grace. Keep preachin’ it, sister! 🙂

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