Where Does My Peace Come From?



I can discern God’s voice when I feel peace.  I sense His presence and a calmness.  I’m overtaken by it.  I find myself being still in complete confidence that I’m safe and secure in His loving arms.

God’s peace is supernatural and this kind of peace is from the Holy Spirit and not from the world.  The Holy Spirit is my comforter.  He is my strength and high tower.  In Him I see things I must do more clearly.

During Christ’s last meal with His disciples He comforted His worried and sad friends with a promise. He reassured His followers that He will send them the Holy Spirit.   Today you and I have access to the Holy Spirit.  We received His presence when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior.  The Holy Spirit entered our being when we decided to follow Jesus and committed our ways to His ways.   We received His Spirit when we confessed that only through Jesus we may have eternal life.

Peace is discovered in His word.  We experience peace through praise and worship.  We have peace when we obey His commands and follow His lead.

I have a story about my son who found the peace of God through singing songs of praise.

My seven year old son has been having a hard time managing his anger.  He is an anxious little guy who easily blows up.   He is also very loving, caring, and has a huge heart for Jesus.

He asks questions about God and wants to hear stories all the time. When life gets rough he will ask that we pray.  He soaks in rest when we play worship music.

On a consistent basis he prays asking God, “Please help me with my anger.”

Yesterday was a hard day for both of us.  He spent 90% of his day upset with anger outbursts.  Last night he was restless and had a hard time going to sleep.  Until he started singing songs to God.   While I was in the living room I could hear him make up love songs to God.

After about an hour of his singing he came to me with a huge smile.  He said, “Mom I want to sing to God so that He will talk to me.  He doesn’t say anything to me.”

I pulled him in close to me with a big hug.  I reassured him that through his word we do hear from Him and that we know He is with us when we feel His peace inside.    When I asked him how he felt after singing he said that he felt good.   I let him know that this is God’s way of helping us with our feelings.

With bright blue eyes and confidence he said on his way back to bed, “I’m becoming the word.”

He had come to a very mature realization that when he sings and reads his Bible, the word of God will dwell in him.  Soon he will be consumed by words of truth.

I’m so delighted that my son is picking this up.  It gets me to thinking.  I want to hear God’s voice too.  Especially when I have to make a big decision in my life.   Life would be so much easier if He would speak to me in an audible voice.

He calls us instead to read His word and seek His peace through relationship with Him.   He desires for us to seek peace, know peace, and live life in peace.

I’m learning to not make any sudden decisions in life until I’m full of God’s peace.


27 Peace I leave with you; My [perfect] peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. [Let My perfect peace calm you in every circumstance and give you courage and strength for every challenge.]   John 14:27 (AMP)


Dear Sister in Christ – Are you in the midst of making a big decision?  Be still and know that God is with you and He will give you peace in your situation.    Just wait until He gives you the go ahead.

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