Trusting God’s Authority Over Our Life



God was there and He saved me.  I have experienced His hand on my life quite a bit over the years. I’m safe in His loving arms and so are you.

God has called me into certain jobs for surprisingly a short season.  There were two jobs in particular where I’m in complete awe that I got out safely.   He called me in for a specific purpose and when it was accomplished it was time to go.  I left not knowing where I was headed.  I was single trying to make a living on my own and go to college.   I had bills to pay and little money.

I trusted God.

Thankfully I believed in God and obeyed.  My old supervisor went crazy shortly after I left.  He burned down the building that I worked in.  No one got hurt, but no one had a place to go to for work.  By that time God provided another job for me.

The other job was working with kids in a group home.  A couple of weeks after God sent me away one of the kids I used to work with broke into a neighbor’s house and took a gun.  Authorities caught him with the loaded gun as he was headed back to the group home where I had spent many nights.

God knows how much I can handle and evidently He spared me from the heartache I could have experienced if I had stayed in either one of those jobs any longer.  It’s hard to not imagine what ifs.  What if I was in the building when it was burned down?  What if I found the kid with the gun?

Our God is Mighty to Save.  He speaks into our life with authority and power.  He will cause us to move.

Will You Obey?

I have learned to not question God when He calls me to go.   He is the one in control.

The wind and waves obey Him, He created the waters. He produced human beings out of dust, He parted the Red Sea, He spoke peace to a storm bringing complete peace, and He raised Lazarus from the dead,

The voice of the Eternal echoes over the great waters;
God’s magnificence roars like thunder.
The Eternal’s presence hovers over all the waters.
His voice explodes in great power over the earth.
His voice is both regal and grand.

Psalm 29:3-4 (VOICE)

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