Response To Singleness by Meagan Davenport



It’s that time of year again. Summertime. Family visits. Fireworks. Barbecues.


And questions or running commentary about why I’m still single.


Like clockwork, extended family members will volunteer the topic, as if it’s just the next natural thing to talk about. “Oh yeah, one of these days you’ll find someone, Meagan.”


This latest time, just last night, was slightly different; I sat next to my 6-going-on-16 relative, both of us munching away on the food du jour. She glanced at me and idly commented, “Why haven’t you ever married?”


I sighed. Just two days ago, I was last on the receiving end of this question, receiving pitying commentary cloaked in “encouragement” from a well-meaning family member.


But I wasn’t going to let the conversation continue just as it always had, with a smile, sigh, and “Yes, Grandma.” This darling, precious little girl has the rest of her life in front of her, and I had a prime opportunity to tell her that not everything has to “end” in marriage.


So I told her the truth: I hadn’t met the right man yet. But I continued, noting that I wasn’t letting it stop me from living life. “You know what I can do since I’m not married? I can work. I can travel whenever and wherever I want to. I can move. I don’t have to ask permission or come to agreement on whatever’s next.” Ultimately … I’m not letting my singleness stop me from living life – in fact, I’m letting it spur me on.


This precious little girl took my statement at face value and continued eating. (Bless you, child.) Little did she know, she’d taught me a lesson in standing up for myself.


And the next time a well-meaning person, relative or otherwise, launches into their spiel that I’ll find someone all in good time, I do believe I now have the courage to interrupt them and say I’m perfectly fine living life without a man. If he crosses my path, then great, but in the meantime, I’m living my life to the fullest in my way, and am thrilled about it.



About Meagan

Meagan Davenport is a freelance editor who enjoys blogging about travel, missions, and books. She can be found on her website as well as lurking around social media: Facebook | Instagram |Twitter | Pinterest.

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