Renewed In The Spirit by Lisa Brown


I tell my son when I tuck him in at night that, “God’s mercies are new every morning.”    I remind my daughter that God sees her and knows her.

My kids especially need to hear these words after a rough day.  Both of them are working on character development.  Every day I suggest an action for them to partake in.  An action that builds up relationships or accomplishes a certain task.  It’s not easy but they keep trying.

My eight year old son daily asks God to help him with his struggles.  He believes that God will help him overcome.  Often he will praise God for being bigger than anything else in this world.  It’s not surprising that the story of David and Goliath is his favorite.

I’m reminded by my son’s actions that I also need to go to God and seek His ways.  I must lean on God to change me.

My son was having a horrible day with his attitude and out of frustration he was acting out inappropriately.  As a result he lost some privileges.   When he has days like this he asks to sit on my lap for snuggles and prayer.  On this one particular day he brought me two straws.  One of the straws was flat and bent.  He identified himself as the flat straw.  The full shaped straw was God.

For a moment I had no idea what to say until God impressed upon me to blow air in the flat straw.  So I did.  While I was blowing in the straw the bents came out and the straw was forming back into its round full shape.   As this was happening I received a revelation from the Holy Spirit.

I was showing my son that God breathes life in us when we are feeling flat and bent.  I told my son that God cares about the battles we are daily faced with and when we feel defeated He will breathe life back into us.

My son got it and he smiled.

I also felt pretty defeated that day too.  My attitude and actions were not peaceful or kind.  After I spent some time repenting and asking for forgiveness I realized that I keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  Why don’t I change?

Then it occurred to me that in order for God to renew me day in and day out, I must be willing to put off my old self.   But like a selfish child I want to hold on to my wants and ways.   I get defensive when my ego is threatened.

22 Strip yourselves of your former nature [put off and discard your old unrenewed self] which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion;

23 And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude],

24 And put on the new nature (the regenerate self) created in God’s image, [Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness.   Ephesians 4:22-24(AMPC)


Change goes a lot smoother when we avoid old habits, attitudes, and sinful lifestyles.

Being a mom is forcing me to get rid of my old ways of handling myself when I’m frustrated.  The flesh part of me gets angry, impatient, and not nice.  God is changing me as I willingly seek His ways before I respond.

There is nothing in this world that can renew our mind like the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.   I’m changing because I’m dedicated to spending time in prayer and reading His word.  I keep myself around other Christians who love the Lord with all of their hearts.  I seek council from Godly people.

If you are feeling defeated today let God renew you.  Put off the old self and let God fill you with His love and peace.

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