A Lamb in the Shepherd’s Arms



Take a moment and let this poem speak to your heart.  May you find rest in Jesus.   This poem was written by Rachelle Alspaugh.  It’s an honor to have the privilege to share this with you.  Thank you Rachelle.

A Lamb in the Shepherd’s Arms

by Rachelle Alspaugh 

When darkness surrounds you,

and light can’t be seen,

When questions overwhelm you,

And life seems so mean,


Your hopes seem to shatter,

Your faith crumbles at your feet.

Your strength is stolen from you,

You can barely stand the heat.


You’ve reached the point of no return,

But with complete surrender you rest

As a lamb in the Shepherd’s arms,

Lay your head upon His chest.


Allow Him to carry you

To where you’ve never gone before.

He’ll turn your weakness into strength

And give you wings to make you soar.


Heights you’ve never imagined

Wait for your eyes to see.

Only when your heart beats in tune with the Shepherd’s

Can you be all He’s prepared you to be.


Rachelle Alspaugh 

Follow my personal/author blog: www.fromtheheartofrachelled.blogspot.com


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