Prayers for the Mother of Groom

Great book for Moms!!
Through daily topical prayers, Prayers for the Mother of the Groom gives the Christian mom a tool to help organize her jumbled thoughts, maintain an eternal perspective, and display a Christ-honoring demeanor throughout the engagement and the wedding day itself.

The heightened awareness of a mom’s need to pray fervently and effectively is never greater than the days and weeks before her child makes the biggest commitment of his life. Even those moms who measure their spiritual disciplines as lacking may come to a crisis of conscience when they realize the lion’s share of their time to influence their son is coming to an end. Prayers for the Mother of the Groom answers the call of the Christian mother to cover her son in prayer during those fleeting days before he says “I do.”

Traci Matt

bookcover_green_e2Prayers for the Mother of the Groom

Almost every Christian mother of a son will face the day he and his beloved burst through the door with grins and dreams and a shiny ring on her finger. From that moment on, life becomes a blur of to-do lists, calendar negotiations, fancy meals, and dressing rooms. We hope for blissful bonding times with our daughter-in-law to be, bestowing formal blessings on our son as he prepares to move on, and a little pampering for ourselves as the day approaches. The reality is often far from the vision as we attempt to weave those ideals into our already hectic schedules, and deal with the people who make them hectic. Before we know it, the momentous day is a memory, and we have barely thought about praying over anything other than the meals.

After my first son’s wedding came and went in the…

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